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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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See the Powerful Features in The Breeder's Standard .NET®!

Tour of Features

The Breeder's Standard .NET® is not only pre-loaded with a massive number of animal records, but it offers more powerful features than any other kennel or pedigree program.  It also eliminates tedious installs, backup worries, updating the software and other problems and pitfalls that are the hallmarks of our "competition."

We spent two years making TBS .NET the very finest kennel and pedigree software ever devised.  Massive Beta-testing vetted every feature.  TBS .NET is as easy to use as any web site.  Your data is secure, backed up every day, protected from damage to your computer, and available from any computer on Earth!

Here are some of the powerful features of TBS .NET:

Professional Management Means Secure Data

TBS .NET runs on our computers.  It eliminates installation problems, backup worries, software updates and all the other problems and pitfalls experienced with any software installed and run from your computer.  Every server has multiple processors, sits on an uninterruptible power supply and contains RAID fault-tolerant disk drives.  We have multiple T-1 connections to the Internet. The critical servers have multiple power supplies and redundant network connections.

What does all this mean for you?  It means that your data is protected.  If your PC crashes or is stolen, your data is safely stored here.

Access Anywhere

Nowadays, wherever you are, there is always web access.  If you can access the web, you can access TBS .NET immediately .  Even if your computer breaks, you can easily get to your data.  Whatever the situation, you are covered.

MASSIVE breed databases online now!

Right now, there are 3,142,785 dogs online, this very second.  Unlike our "competition," you have no weird import routines to run, no files to download, no effort at all !  Why should you have to jump through hoops to get the dog records you need?  With TBS .NET, that never happens.

Click here and see how many of each breed we have online right now!

Speedy Access

We have highly optimized database and web Servers to run TBS .NET.  Because of this, we can rapidly serve your requests.  Your computer is not tied up at all.  TBS .NET is also highly scalable.  So as the number of users grows, your response time will remain fast!


The old way of doing things requires you to download upgrades and bug fixes, or even to buy CDs or diskettes with upgrades and bug fixes.  No more!

TBS .NET is maintained here, and there is nothing to install on your computer!  When you purchase TBS .NET, you are immediately able to start using the software.  No waiting, no installations, no upgrades, no headaches!

We Love Macintosh Lovers!

Here you go!  TBS .NET is 100% Macintosh Compatible!  No silly run time modules to make a Mac try to act like Windows!  Instead, we make our program work seamlessly on your computer.  Click here and see our Macintosh guided tour!

All of the Power and Ease of The Breeder's Standard™

Unlike other "internet based kennel software," TBS .NET is a real program with real power!  It's based on our twelve years of experience serving your needs, not guesswork or hobbyist tinkerings.  Every major feature in The Breeder's Standard™ is also in TBS .NET!  PedFast™, MegaPed™, Crystal Ball™.  No compromises!

The landscape of the computing world is changing as the Internet transforms the way that computers work.  The time is now to move forward.  And it takes vision to move the industry forward.  Vision and innovation are the hallmarks of this company's history.  In December of 1991, we revolutionized the kennel software industry with Version 1 of The Breeder's Standard™.  We invented ease of use in breeder's software.  We invented high-quality pedigrees in 1996 with the original MegaPed™.  Now, we assume our usual leadership position as we take breeder and pedigree software to the next level and redefine the state of the art.


The Breeder's Standard .NET® is inexpensive!  Only $14.99 per month gives you access to all of the standard features of this awesome, powerful program.  Don't bust your budget with ridiculous prices!

Take the Tour Now!

Now is the time to see how we've increased your power, simplified your work, and protected your data!  Take a tour of the program!  We have two tours.  One features Macintosh shots; the other features Windows shots.  Of course, if you use Linux, BeOS or any other platform that supports a web browser, cookies and Javascript, you can use TBS .NET too!


The Breeder's Standard .NET® is compatible with any Windows, Macintosh or other computer running a browser that is Netscape 6 or Internet Explorer 5 compatible.  We use the following web items:

  • Cookies (most expire in 45 minutes or when you log off, nothing personal is ever stored in a cookie)
  • Javascript
  • Adobe® Acrobat 4.0 (Windows, 3.0 for Mac) or newer
  • Pop-up web windows when you click certain buttons (this should work fine with popup ad killers).

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