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Welcome to the Newest and Best Pedigree Software and Kennel Management Software Ever Devised!

For two years, we carefully listened to you.  We listened to every compliment, every suggestion and, most importantly, every complaint.  We heard you and what you wanted.  We reviewed every product support report we ever received since 1991.  And then we went to work.  Two years in the making, the company that brought out the first native Microsoft® Windows™ pedigree and kennel management software, the company that has been #1 in the industry for seven years running, brings you The Breeder's Standard .NET®!

Other pedigree software products are stuck in a time warp of the past.  They make you bear the drudgery of entering every record into the database, or trying to figure out confusing import/export routines.  Different pedigree programs mean that it's difficult to share data between people because of different data formats.  If your computer has a problem, you are in trouble, unless you remember to do tedious backups nearly every time you make any change to your data.  The Breeder's Standard .NET solves these problems for you, elegantly and inexpensively.

TBS.NET is a completely new program from the ground up.  It has to be because it is unlike any other breeder's program or pedigree software ever made.  You have security, because your data is automatically backed up every day.  You have super-easy use because there is nothing to install on your computer.  No downloads, no CDs to break.  You have less data entry because it has millions of dog records included and more being added every day!  Here is another one: No Upgrade Fees -- Ever!  All new features and patches are automatically added to your program as we develop them.

If you are an Apple® computer devotee,  we have heard you with unmistakable clarity.  And we have answered you with exactly what you asked for.  TBS.NET is the only fully functional kennel management software that requires no expensive Windows emulator program. If, God forbid, you should suffer a tragedy because of fire, storm or theft, your data is safe, even if your computer is destroyed!

Is this magic?  Nope, just extra hard work by our engineers.  This is all made possible by the way TBS.NET works.  You are actually inside the opening window of TBS.NET right now!  It's a web-based program, with all of the massive databases of both our Man's Best Friend Software and CompuPed™ libraries pre-loaded.  As more and more people make the switch to the ultimate breeder software tool, we are able to offer you even more animal records -- and less typing.  Pedigree software should serve you, not the other way around.  TBS.NET meets that goal.

Here is the best news:  The Breeder's Standard .NET®, with all of the power of the original ground breaking pedigree software for Windows, is only $14.99 per month!  All of our windows add-ons, such as NETigree® II and the Pedigree Power Packs™ are also available (additional monthly charges apply but are optional).  Pedcasso™ .NET will release in the first quarter of 2004.

All you need to run TBS .NET are a computer with a web browser that uses JavaScript and Cookies.  For show entries and MegaPed™ pedigrees, you need Adobe® Acrobat™ reader, a free program usually shipped already installed on most new computers.  It's available free for Windows, Mac and Unix.

Come learn more now, or if you are ready, you can start your journey to pedigree software heaven immediately!

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